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Have You Seen Her? She’s Changed!

Star of Hope - Women and Family Emergency ShelterReturning from vacation, I was greeted by a Manager who said, “Have you seen X? She’s changed!”

X is a guest who had come to the Shelter for 6 years off and on. She was always just at death’s door when she came to us – a result of a life in bondage to sin and degradation. Staff could not put her in a room due to both her physical condition and her violent disposition. Each time she came, they would put her in a special place, care for her and nurse her back to health. Once healthy, she would reward staff’s kindness by cursing them out and leaving to continue her life of bondage. Not having seen her for some time, the consensus among staff was that she was most likely dead.

“What’s changed?” I asked.

“I’ll let her tell you.”

Crossing the street at noon to get some lunch, I heard X call my name.

“Mr. Black, you heard I was back?” she said as she came to speak with me.


“Heard about how I changed?”

“Yes. What happened?”

Tears began to role down her cheeks, and she lost her voice. Her eyes were full as she pointed up at the sky and then to her heart.

“You met Jesus?”

She nodded, overcome by emotion and unable to speak. She didn’t have to speak, the smile on her face told it all.

For the first time, we were able to move her into a room and then into permanent housing. The last I heard, she was still clean and sober and living for the One who set her free and gave her a brand new life!

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