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Fall Celebrations at Star of Hope

During my first year working with Star of Hope, the Fall Harvest Festival was one of my first opportunities to serve in our Women and Family Emergency Shelter. I remember God changing and growing my heart for the homeless that evening, and this year was another special time.

The guests staying at our shelter were so eager for the festival to begin. I was probably asked a dozen times how much longer until they could go outside and play. Explaining “10 more minutes” to an excited four-year-old can be tricky.

Star of Hope children

Star of Hope Mission clients walked outside to find booths decorated in fall colors, the sweet smell of popcorn and tables ready with crafts, games and candy… everyone always loves the candy.

They were also met with many volunteers, dedicating their evening to serving these homeless families and bringing the joy of a fall celebration. Groups of volunteers set up face painting, a cupcake walk, beanbag toss and many other activities.

Star of Hope volunteers

A Harvest Festival tradition includes family portraits for all the guests. I’m grateful that I was able to set up and take pictures of our clients. We captured over 40 family photos! Their excitement and thankfulness over a photo of their loved ones brought me so much joy.

Star of Hope family, woman and children

Star of Hope continues to lovingly minister to over 1,200 homeless men, women and children each day. Our Mission also provides people with an opportunity to join in serving. I pray our eyes are opened to this great need in our city and that our hearts are inclined to give, serve and pray for the hurting.

Fall Harvest Festival 2013
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