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She Needed the Lord . . . and a Friend like You

“I was homeless and needed help, and went to seven different places before a friend told me about the recovery center at Star of Hope,” Tamika said.

And she did not reach us a moment too soon. “I had an addiction to the point where I lost EVERYTHING,” remembered Tamika, tears spilling down her cheeks. She even lost touch with her own daughter. “I carry that burden, and sometimes when I think about the memory, it makes me cry.”

But even before she finally found her way through our doors—and found the love and hope of Jesus Christ—she knew she needed help. “Why was I just out there on the streets like that?” she recalled as she remembered looking around her at the hunger, hurt and heartbreak of homelessness.

Yet before she could rebuild her life, she needed someone to help her find a way. “I went through a lot of ups and downs, trying to do everything by myself,” she said. She needed the Lord—and friends like you and Star of Hope. “How am I today?” Tamika smiled gratefully. “I can only say I am fine! I am not outside on the street. I am not sleeping under the bridge.”

And as she fully recovers and prepares for the future—including being an important part of her daughter’s life again—she said, “I hope to go back to being the Tamika that I was—the person who took care of herself!”

Thank you for helping care for those like Tamika at Star of Hope during their time of crisis.

I had an addiction to the point where I lost EVERYTHING, Tamika remembered.

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