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Story of Hope!

Our Outreach Client, Rowland Buchanan, continues to live a life of faith knowing that even through adversity, with God ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE!

Rowland has battled with cocaine and Alcohol abuse for over 20 years. After finishing a 5 year prison sentence, Rowland decided to re-dedicate his life back to Christ and continue to live a life of sobriety. However, He struggled with resources and housing and became chronically homeless for 6 more years. Living on the streets, Rowland began to battle with major depression and suicidal thoughts for years, which led to a life of male prostitution. Yet, daily we were committed to showing Rowland that Christ love for us is greater and stronger.

The Love In Action Van provided case management for Rowland to help navigate practical resources and obtain his Texas Driver's license, Social Security Card, Birth Certificate, and move him into his First Apartment in over 20 years. Rowland is now HOUSED at the St. John Downtown Knowles-Temenos Place Apartments!

Rowland proves that their IS a purpose and destiny for each of our lives through Christ! The smile that you see on Rowland, is a smile of joy, gratefulness, and a Hope that is filled through Christ Jesus! To God Be the Glory!

Star of Hope Mission
Houston Homeless Services, Programs and Ministry

Kenneth Eatkins
Outreach Case Manager
Star of Hope Mission

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