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Leap Year...Leap of Faith

On this "Leap Day" 2012...I want to share a leap of faith that two of the New Horizons clients have taken.

Pam and Sharon have both been dealing with this difficult job market. Both were laid off last Spring and have been searching endlessly for work--ANY work.  As "mature" women, they are often disregarded in favor of a younger applicant.  As individuals with "a past" that is not as promising as their future, they are denied employment based on an unfavorable backgroud check.  I often encourage these women by saying,

"If any employer just gives you ONE chance to show your skills and work ethic...they would know what a valuable asset you will be to them!!"

But, they continue to forge ahead, undeterred by the constant disappointments...They have faith!

When trying to help them gain SOME SORT of success and accomplishment...I went to them and asked..."What about school?"  When faced with a chance to CHANGE their circumstance, both said "Yes, I want to do that."

These women...who have not been in school since the 80's...took the leap and started classes at HCC to become Community Health Workers.  They are so excited about what the future holds for them now.  They are experiencing a "revival of hope" and it is a joy to witness their wide-eyed wonder of this uncharted territory.

This LEAP DAY, 2012...what will YOU do to take a leap of faith? Will you volunteer for a non-profit organization and give hope to someone who is lost and alone?  Will you open your wallet and offer a donation that could feed a hungry child for a day...a week...a month?  Will you open your heart and pray for these ladies...Pam and Sharon...and, other like them, who are taking a LEAP into God's arms...knowing He will NEVER LET THEM FALL?

What will you do this LEAP DAY?

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Comments for Leap Year...Leap of Faith

Name: Carol Anne
Time: Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keep up the inspiration - we all know how it is to be getting older and not be appreciated for what we are capable of and our life experiences. Kudos to those who take the leap and take control of their own destiny.

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