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A Home for the Homeless at Thanksgiving?

There are only ten more days until Thanksgiving and I wish you could see how hard our staff is working! We’re having another year of record needs, and preparations for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays are already in high gear.

Why does our staff work so diligently? Because THEY KNOW how important it is for EVERY person at Star of Hope this holiday season to see — through a special meal in a caring environment — how much they are loved.

You know yourself, that Thanksgiving can be a lonely time as we miss lost loved ones. That is even more extreme for homeless individuals and families who have no place else to go. The loneliness and regret sets in so deeply for so many. But Star of Hope will be “their family” this holiday season, thanks to you, as our community comes together to lift lives.

It’s amazing that so many people like you join in to feed and care for our neighbors in need. Our Lord must smile down from Heaven, thinking. . .I love Houston’s compassion for the poor and needy. . .that’s what I gave my life for! Thank you for your great compassion. With your continuing support, homeless men, women and families will find the life-changing care they need at Star of Hope, during the holidays and beyond!

Also, don’t forget about the KSBJ, NGENradio and Kroger Fill the Freezer Food Drive for Star of Hope on November 20, 2012. Get the details now!

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

Houston Homeless Shelters
Star of Hope Mission

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