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My "Miracle Book"

Over the years, I’ve worked at some great companies, and I remember a couple of my "first week" experiences from them. But I’ll never forget my first week at the Star of Hope Mission! Just before I began work here, I was told by a dear friend who had worked at the Mission, that I should start a journal so I could record the miracles that happen. I did -  and that has turned out to be an amazing piece of advice!

John Bisagno, former pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church, once told me that miracles happen all the time in ministry, both life change and financial. He called it “God’s Economy,” and he was right!

As a business person, with a lengthy career in the corporate world, I suppose I functioned on the logical, explainable, financial side of life. I always have prayed for God to use me in my work, and here at the Mission, there’s an added dimension! God Is At Work here at the Star of Hope, and He does incredible things in the lives of all who encounter this place…. clients needing a second chance at life, the staff who serve here every day, and volunteers who come and serve beside us.

So I started a “Miracle Journal” my first week here, and it already contains many stories of what I’ve seen God do during my short 8 months in this extraordinary, 102 year old ministry to Houston’s homeless men, women & children. I look forward to sharing some of those stories as they happen, with you, as I journal them into my “Miracle Book!”

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