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The Greatest Miracle of Christmas?

SOH teens going to college!Well, Christmas is just around the corner, just a few days away. Our blogging team has been posting amazing stories for the past 25 days, of changed lives and personal miracles, here at the Star of Hope. Take a look at our other "25 Days of Christmas Miracles" Updates. It gives me chill bumps to think about all that God does through you, who help and serve here at Christmas, as He uses this sacred time of year to touch unusually open hearts with His Love.

Just in the past 25 days, we’ve seen two sisters, who are teenagers in a family served by Star of Hope for several years now and who are seniors in High School, both accepted to attend college next fall. Both will be attending The University of Texas, one in Austin and the other in Odessa! What a huge blessing for any family, especially one which has had to overcome great difficulties.

Cub Scouts provide 2000 Christmas MealsWe have seen five, 9-10 year old Cub Scouts raise enough money to provide 2,000 Christmas meals here at Star of Hope. See their story in our Star of Hope News Room. The meaning of Christmas to them?...helping others!

At our Women & Family Emergency Shelter and our Transitional Living Center Tree Lightings, we witnessed a chorus of families, recovering from homelessness, sing Christmas songs with great joy and thanksgiving. And our Men’s Development Center Christmas Commencement will be filled with the voices of men singing of God’s love for us through Christmas later this week.

Volunteers have filled our Christmas Workshop and carefully wrapped presents for our Clients, and donors are bringing blankets, clothes food and financial gifts. Parties and gift cards for our teens have been given. Pajamas and books for every 6-12 year old, carefully purchased and prepared by a local company.

Volunteers at Star of Hope's Christmas WorkshopI could go on and on. But what do you think is the greatest Christmas miracle of all? I believe it’s the way God chose to reveal himself to us…through a baby, His only Son…so simple, so heartfelt…everyone who chooses to believe in Him, can receive God’s love and forgiveness, a home in Heaven, and a purpose for their life here on earth. That’s it….God provided for us through His Love.

Thank you each and every one for your help, love and prayers for our homeless families this year. It has been another record breaking year of services in Houston with the economy the way it is. And we have gladly served, with your amazing help, through these times!

If you would like to help us financially, we’re still working to raise the final $1 million of our December goal, so we can continue to provide and serve in 2011. You can click on this link right now and make your donation safely and conveniently.

Blessings to you and your family this Christmas…may you personally feel God’s amazing love, forgiveness, and peace in your life this Christmas!

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