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How Are We Shaped?

"Our culture gives us a mixed message. It says: make lots of money and spend it on yourself; get an identity by the kind of clothes you wear and the places you travel to and live. But also do some volunteer work, care about social justice, because you don't want to be just a selfish pig. However, Christians' attitudes toward our time and our money should not be shaped by our society; they... Read More »
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O for Grace to Trust Him MORE

“O for Grace to Trust Him More.” I have sung this hymn 9849 times and just the other day on the way to work, it hit me… I need grace each day to trust the Lord more and more each day. To trust His plan is better than mine. To trust His will be done. To trust “thus saith the Lord.” To trust he works out all things for the good of those that Love Him. To trust He loves and can help the people... Read More »
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We Don't Need Good Advice...We Need The Gospel!

Ever since day one of working at the shelter, the Lord has been so faithful to show me my own sin through conversations and interactions with many of my guests. Many times this week the Lord has shown me of my unbelief. All day long we know the Lord is good. All day long we know the Lord is faithful to His promises. All day long we know the Lord is our ultimate comfort and counselor. . .but there... Read More »
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Mani/Pedi Turned Gospel

I was sitting out in the atrium area talking with two of my favorite little girls, Mary and Hannah. Mary, the older sibling, was telling me about her day at school and repeating the memory verse she was suppose to memorize for class. Hannah, the very active younger sibling was trying to get my attention the entire time. I looked over at Hannah and she said, “Ms. Nikki, your fingernails are so... Read More »
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I Mean, Let's Be Honest...

When your job requires you to do professional training, most of us sigh, pull up our boot straps and do our best to mentally prepare for a day of trying to stay awake in class. Right? Or is that just me? Well, the training I have been receiving recently creates anything but those feelings. And I'm not just saying that because my boss may be reading this blog. Seriously, I can't get enough of this... Read More »
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Sweet Surprise

This week I got an unexpected visit from a former guest. What a blessing! It is not very often when an old guest will call or stop by to tell you how well they are doing, but then they do, it’s such a treat!   Olivia is one guest the Lord completely transformed from the moment she walked in the shelter. For the first month of Olivia staying here, she didn’t want to believe God was changing her... Read More »
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Keepin' It Real

I’ve had the pleasure of being a Family Service Worker at Star of Hope's Women and Family Emergency Shelter since 2009! I love to laugh. I love Diet coke. And Basically, I get paid to share the gospel and love on people by helping them to develop a personal relationship with Christ. It involves lots of laughs, tears, and every day is completely different than the day before. I love it! Nicole... Read More »
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