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We Don't Need Good Advice...We Need The Gospel!

Ever since day one of working at the shelter, the Lord has been so faithful to show me my own sin through conversations and interactions with many of my guests. Many times this week the Lord has shown me of my unbelief.

All day long we know the Lord is good. All day long we know the Lord is faithful to His promises. All day long we know the Lord is our ultimate comfort and counselor. . .but there are many days we simply do not BELIEVE it. There is a big difference in knowing the promises of God and believing the promises of God.

This week He has used a certain guest to show me this over and over and over again. Ms. Johnson* came to us with her 3 children after leaving an abusive relationship. She came to us broken. She came to us in need of help. Since being here, Ms. Johnson has struggled to get the appropriate documents she has needed. One option of housing has fallen through. She was forced to quit her job due to not having daycare and she is basically back at square one. She comes to meet with me regularly. To be honest, some days I put on my “social worker” hat and try to fix the situation (as if I am the almighty fixer)….and most days she reminds me first and foremost that our trust and belief is in God. That He is in complete control, completing His good work on all of our behalf.

My job as a believer/family service worker/daughter/sister/aunt is not to stress about fixing people’s problems. My job is not to give good advice, place shame or guilt, nor fill people with fluff. My job is to BELIEVE the promises of God in my heart, in love through obedience, spoken word and action. It is to share the hope we have in Christ and the beauty of the gospel first and foremost.

I am thankful for the Lord using Ms. Johnson to show me all of this, yet again….because apparently I keep forgetting….which is why I need Jesus.

*Ms. Johnson's name has been changed.

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