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In Honor of Zan

I have consistently had some place safe to sleep. I have consistently been fed.  I have consistently been loved. I have consistently made mistakes and have been forgiven and accepted. I have consistently been made to feel valued….and I have consistently forgotten that some people don’t have any form of healthy consistency in their own lives.  

Star of Hope can’t save the world, but it can give Houston’s Homeless men, women and children some healthy consistencies no matter what stage of life they are in.  Most importantly Star of Hope teaches its clients they are valued and after their time here how to create stability making hope a reality.  

Zan Virtual Volunteer Last week I had the privilege to talk with an amazing Star of Hope Virtual Volunteer.  Her spirit is as beautiful and unique as she is.  She is vulnerable. She is strong. She is courageous. Zan grew up in an inconsistent home environment living with several different family members during varying stages of her life.  At age 17 she found herself homeless with a new born son.  Desiring more consistency for her son than she was able to give she sent him to live with other members of her family.

Zan personally continued wandering in and out of homelessness into her 20’s.  I wish I could tell you that she found Star of Hope early on and everything changed…forever.  I wish I could tell you that we made a difference in her life or that I made a difference in her life. However, nothing I did nor did anything I am affiliated with change Zan’s life.  Zan did not find Star of Hope when she needed us most.  She had to seek self soothing and self guidance and in turn her life lessons were learned by trial and error.    Zan did the best she could to establish consistency in her life all by herself. 

Today, Zan’s life like mine is far from perfect, but you can clearly see God’s redemptive love in her story.  Through, this faith and courage God has taught her to give back to her community in whatever way she can.   Zan lovingly shares with others via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn that they do not have to go through homelessness, abuse, addiction all alone. They can find value and love at Star of Hope. Zan advocates for Star of Hope… all hours of the day and night…and she makes a difference by sharing what an amazing nonprofit Houston has!  Zan knows how helpful it would have been to have had a solid place like “ Star of Hope Mission” included in her story early on.  

Zan , thank you for giving hope to others.

So, many people think they have to wait until their life looks perfect to give back to their community.  They wait until they have the right amount in their savings account or until they have 3 hours to give instead of 15 minutes.  Star of Hope is asking you where you are to make a difference and together we will watch God bless your offering. Whether, it is a prayer, joining Star of Hope on Facebook, working in the kitchen, donating 50 cents together, we can give Houston Homeless a consistent environment where there is no question if they are fed, loved and valued.

Together, wherever you are in life let's show Houston Homeless they do not have to do this alone. We are here for them with Men and Women Drug Rehab Centers, Battered Women Shelters, Childcare facilities and Soup Kitchens.  Refuse to let one person be forgotten. 

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Comments for In Honor of Zan

Name: Tamika Harrison
Time: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh Zandria, I'm so happy and Proud of you friend. We had rough in begining, but I am so moved to see that you took that experience to heart. And decided not to forget the ones having a rough time now. May God continue to take you to new highs, And I wish you and your children all the joy one woman can stand!

Name: Zan
Time: Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Oh wow...Kay this is beyond great...I feel so honored! :-) Thank you sooo much!

Name: jayne
Time: Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I enjoy hearing how God's love is never ending and how it multiplies when passed on.

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