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Teens "Souled Out" for Jesus

"Souled Out" Teen retreat in HuntsvilleOn Friday April 29th, the Star of Hope teens said their goodbyes, we loaded up in the two Stars of 2morrow vans and drove away to Huntsville, TX for another exciting weekend retreat with Hope for Youth.  This is our fourth year being included in their annual retreat. A week before the retreat, there had been a shift in leadership with Hope for Youth and we had wondered how this was going to affect the retreat. But we prayed and trusted that God loved these youth and would bring something great for them despite this change. And this thought proved true.

The topic of the retreat was “Souled Out” and hinged on the thought of what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world yet loses his soul?
(Matthew 16:26) We had many keynote speakers that nailed this topic into the teens and brought them to pointed discussions about the things of this world that can choke the life out of their walk with God. On Saturday evening, a message was given that took all the thoughts discussed previously and brought it to a decision that the teens could choose. For some it would be a choice to find forgiveness of their sins and restore their relationship with God and for others it was a choice to reject this world and follow Christ (being sold out for Him).

Chad and Star of Hope teens in HuntsvilleMany came forward and spoke and prayed with counselors. On Sunday, May 1st before we left, we had our final session with the teens and it was a prayer walk. One of the volunteers had set up prayer stations along a trail in the woods. The leaders took a group of about 7 and took them on this prayer walk which involved complete silence as they went through each station. At each station they would individually pray for specific topics such as follows: God’s creation, Repentance, God’s forgiveness, God’s love as a sacrifice, Growing in God’s love, Knowing God’s love, and Sharing God’s love. Each teen had a booklet that would illuminate each station’s topic with Scripture and a thought. We think this proved to be a powerful tool with the teens that they were able to take what they had learned and put it to practice. The whole prayer journey took about an hour per group and we as leaders were amazed to see the teens be silent and thoughtful for that time. We were glad to hear good feedback from the youth about this time.

Overall, this was a powerful weekend for the 22 youth we took and for us. We love giving these opportunities to youth to escape the noise and distractions of this world so that they can start that journey of drawing closer to God and see God draw close to them.

Grace and Peace,

Chad & Myron

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