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Helping Houston's Homeless with Social Media

(function() { var po = document.createElement('script'); po.type = 'text/javascript'; po.async = true; po.src = ''; var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s); })(); I just left the Houston Online Marketing Summit with lots of information on how the Star of Hope web team can continue to build and utilize the social... Read More »
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A Cozy Movie Premiere

Sometimes, I get a chance to get out of my normal day to day IT world and get to help out on video.  A few months back one of our wonderful donors/volunteers, Cookie Joe, and her business partner, Tran Pham Rich , (owners of Cookie Joe's School of Dancin'  located in Sugar Land, Texas) donated the money to rebuild and equip our intake center at the Women & Family Emergency Shelter. The name of the... Read More »
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Technology and Innovation

I would like to cover some technology topics in this blog as it relates to charities and missions. Before an organization of any size can leverage technology successfully I believe first and foremost in today’s economy an organization has to promote a culture of innovation and change.  The traditional model of growth, especially in the not-for-profit world, addresses growing complexities of... Read More »
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Hank's Blog : People Just Like You and Me

If you get a chance to read Hank's blog from last week please do. I got a chance to sit in on the video interview and was struck by the two children that are part of this family living at the Women and Family Shelter .  They are such great kids and its heart breaking to think they could be homeless on the streets. I am also taken back by the giving heart of Houstonians, and the safety they provide... Read More »
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Blessings Abound

I am taking this moment to pause, reflect and be thankful. We have been blessed this year with not only an overwhelming quantity (52) computers,  but high quality of computers.   Earlier this year Friendswood Community Church donated $15k to our Men's Computer Learning Center which gave us the opportunity to create a modern business environment for guys that are in the programto learn business... Read More »
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Star of Hope to Open Volunteer Staffed Call Center

One of the most exciting IT projects I have ever been apart of was in 2008 when a generous donor gave the mission a substantial donation to upgrade its phone systems.  Star of Hope operates several programs at four separate campuses and we saw an opportunity to move away from disparate autonomous phone systems when VOIP became mainstream. This technology provided the infrastructure to consolidate... Read More »
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I'm Just Waiting For God to Get Me Out of This Mess

Yesterday, I was entering a CVS store to purchase batteries when I noticed sitting down away from the front entrance a homeless person. In all my years I had never seen someone so affected by the streets , she was covered in dirt, torn dirty clothing, barefoot and both her arms were in casts. Someone had bought her an ice cream which she was frantically trying to eat as the Houston heat melted it... Read More »
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The Star of Hope Call Center Project

In the past, when people were homeless, or in an emergency situation such as domestic violence they would find their way to the doors of our shelters where they would be received by open arms and the services that would help improve their circumstances. Our staff were geared towards working those front doors, tending to the crowds in the intake centers and having face to face time with the people... Read More »
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Homeless Men and Google

Friendswood Community Church has blessed our organization with 15,000 dollars to refurbish our Computer Learning Center at the Men's Development Center.   Today applications and tools are on the Internet so we are moving away from our old fat client desktop computer model that loaded down the desktop with applications like typing tutorials and Microsoft Office applications model to a web tools... Read More »
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Never Too Late For College

As one of the "computer guys" for Star of Hope Mission I am usually so focused on the Hardware/Software aspects of my work, I rarely slow down to fathom the depth of the sea of miracles that exist at this special place. Today, as I climbed into the elevator at our Men's Development Program, the elevator, which I thought was already on its way up, noisily diverted my attention to the entrance as a... Read More »
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Recycle That Technology!

If you are looking for a way to help a homeless shelter you may be reading this blog. Your used computer whether personal or business can be recycled to benefit Star of Hope Mission. We use computers to run the business portion of the mission but we also are in need of computers that will help teach a homeless child to read, or help a homeless adult find work. Our computer labs are a... Read More »
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Inquisitive Looks and Questions.

When people find out that I am the CIO for Star of Hope Mission I usually get inquisitive looks and questions like, "Do you guys use that many computers?"  It's a very good question because the last thing you think of when you imagine the goings on at a homeless mission is high-tech. I can tell you that technology , like in all other aspects of business, ministry and life has become a necessity in... Read More »
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