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Inquisitive Looks and Questions.

When people find out that I am the CIO for Star of Hope Mission I usually get inquisitive looks and questions like, "Do you guys use that many computers?"  It's a very good question because the last thing you think of when you imagine the goings on at a homeless mission is high-tech. I can tell you that technology , like in all other aspects of business, ministry and life has become a necessity in the homeless ministry environment. In fact, I would even go as far to say that with budget constraints coupled with a growing homeless population, its critical that technology is implemented to enable the work force to serve more with less manpower.

Being a part of Star of Hope Mission since 1996, I am humbled to witness daily the passion in which our Savior Jesus Christ reaches men, women and their children where they are with love , compassion, and gentle (yet radical) transformation.  

God Bless,
Andrew Holmes

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Name: Dennis Punzalan
Time: Sunday, November 24, 2013

Hello Andrew,

Also being in technology I understand the importance of how technology can make lives easier and managable. I was wondering if there are any volunteer opportunities that Comcast Business can assist at Star of Hope Mission?

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