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The Star of Hope Call Center Project

In the past, when people were homeless, or in an emergency situation such as domestic violence they would find their way to the doors of our shelters where they would be received by open arms and the services that would help improve their circumstances. Our staff were geared towards working those front doors, tending to the crowds in the intake centers and having face to face time with the people who have so many critical needs. These days, with the online world growing rapidly and electronic communication exploding, it seems that more people are calling in for help and/or using our web site to find services. In December of 2009 Star of Hope received 32,000 inbound phone calls. Many of these calls were volunteers and donors who were looking for information on how they could help but most were people seeking services for themselves or desperately seeking help for a loved one. We receive an increasing number emails daily from people who are trying to find help or seeking help for a family or friend.

Exciting news for us. We have been planning a Call Center for the past several months that will help us connect people seeking services with a live voice when they call. A voice that can get them the help they are seeking, someone who can minister to the needy, someone who will pray and guide.

Perhaps the most exciting news about this Call Center project is it will be staffed with volunteers! These volunteers will be trained thoroughly on how to connect our callers to the services they need. 

Please pray for this effort since it will take tremendous resources to be the high impact unit we expect it to be and if you would like to volunteer be on the look out for the posting at High Impact Volunteer Jobs Houston or email me at

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