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Football, Dancing and Tennis

It's been a long time since I've last written to all of you. Summer is always the busiest of times at the Star of Hope! I've been running around every where with the kids this summer. Some of you may wonder what it is exactly children at Star of Hope do all summer long. Thanks to people like you--donors, volunteers, and staff--summer time is a wonderful time for our kids. A few of the activities... Read More »
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What I Liked about Camp

A couple of weeks ago, some of our youth attended summer camp at Stoney Creek Ranch. The experience was such a blessing for all of us! For four days and three nights, kids and teens were immersed in activities that reflected the love of God in their lives. On the last day of camp , counselors invited kids to come up to the microphone and say something that they learned or liked about camp. This is... Read More »
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A Hard Story to Tell

I've been debating within myself on whether or not I should write this story. It's a hard story to share, so bear with me. In my blog introduction, I promised to write all stories—good and bad. And I feel like so far, I have only written the easy ones to write. There is a reoccurring nightmare I have. It comes to me every two to three months, when I least expect it. It’s about a child I used... Read More »
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Birthday Memories

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be homeless during your birthday? Usually, when I think of my own birthday memories, I think of friends and family together, a nice restaurant, conversations and laughter. But my children’s memories of past birthdays are not so great. It used to be that their birthdays at the shelter would go by almost unnoticed. We would give them a voucher to get a... Read More »
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No Pointing Fingers!

Last week I was sitting with some of my girls during free time when I had to ask a group of them to quiet down. Immediately, they all pointed fingers at each other, trying to shift the blame on someone else other than themselves. I gave them a stern look and told them, "Now girls, you know we don't point fingers at each other". Immediately, another girl standing near me turned around and... Read More »
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Spring Break!

It's Spring Break, and the children are having so much fun! We have had so many different activities this week: a game day, an afternoon of dancing and worshiping to Gospel rap, a movie night. Tomorrow, we are all heading over to Women and Family Emergency Shelter for a big festival--popcorn, and hot dogs, and snow cones included! Today, the children and I went outside to enjoy the beautiful day... Read More »
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Like HE Loved Us

The true beauty of this job is that you get to love others. Unconditionally. Like God loved us. Love like this though, always comes along with pain. Because in loving, we must give of ourselves; and in giving of ourselves, we suffer and hurt and get disappointed. It is hard to love others and expect nothing in return. It is even harder to love knowing that you will never receive that love back.... Read More »
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These Children of Mine

My name is Melissa Martinez, but all "my children" call me Ms. Mely. I came to Star of Hope fresh out of college, looking "only for a part-time job" before saying the big "I do's". Little did I know what God had in store for me here. I started working at our Women and Family Emergency Shelter as a Guest Support Staff. Before I knew it, I was working double shifts and seven-day weeks. I couldn't... Read More »
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