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Happy Mother's Day!

This week we have all been bombarded with advertisements from greeting card companies, florists and jewelers enticing us to find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.  We’ve seen images of adoring children gathered around mom, sharing moments of fun and laughter. But instead of those perfect family portraits captured by Kodak, just for a moment, imagine being a homeless mom with several small children. You don’t know how you’re going to feed your children or where you will find a safe place for them to curl up and sleep. Stressed and exhausted, you feel like a failure. You have little hope for a better tomorrow until, somehow, you arrive at the Star of Hope Women & Family Emergency Shelter. There, in the midst of your pain and struggles, you find people eager to help you and your children. Not only are needs of your family met, but there is a special Mother’s Day surprise just for you!


Last year, Sue Clark of Houston Gift Rep Group, wanted to honor the moms at our shelter with special Mother’s Day flowers. She found beautiful cream-colored vases trimmed in gold and ordered enough flowers to fill all the vases. Sue even found a florist who allowed her to use their workroom from 9 AM until noon on Saturday. Sue, along with helper Sharon Reese, a tiny lady with a Texas-size heart, worked at a feverish pace all morning. But at noon, there were still many arrangements to be made. It’s so amazing how God works! Business was so good the florist had to stay open. Throngs of customers kept coming until the last arrangement was assembled!


Sue delivered more than 200 beautiful, fragrant, ribbon-tied arrangements to the shelter for the staff to distribute Sunday morning. There were tears of joy and big, happy smiles from all the moms. Some of our moms had never before received flowers from anyone. This was their very first time! Here are some of the comments made by our moms:


·         This is so beautiful, I love it!”


·         “Oh, my, thank you so much!”


·         “Oooh!  You don’t know how much this means to me!  Thank you so much!”


·         “This is lovely, so I get to celebrate Mother’s Day!”


·         “Thank you for the flowers.”


·         “Thank you for making us feel special!”


However, this Mother’s Day story doesn’t end on Sunday. On Monday, a first-time mom came home from the hospital (to a homeless shelter) with precious newborn twins. She didn’t leave the hospital with carts full of flowers, balloon and the other special well wishes that make this time even more exciting. But when she arrived at the Women & Family Emergency Shelter, Sue’s flowers were there to celebrate the very special delivery and her first Mother’s Day!


This year, as an organization, Houston Gift Rep Group has followed Sue’s lead and will again provide Mother’s Day flowers for all of the shelter’s moms. Moms who are struggling through times of crisis will know they are loved, appreciated and valued – not only by their children, but by the One who created us all. And as our moms are surrounded by His love, their hearts will be touched and the lives of their families forever changed.   Happy Mother’s Day!

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