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Learning To Have Some Fun!

There’s no one on the Star of Hope staff I respect more than those who work each day on the front lines with our clients! I am always in awe of the tremendous care, compassion and empathy they have for all of the hurting men, women and children God sends through our doors! Clients come to Star of Hope burdened and weighted down with the worries and stresses of homelessness. But thanks to our committed program staff, those struggling through difficult times soon learn there is indeed hope for a better tomorrow. Sometimes that means teaching our clients how to relax and have some fun!

This afternoon, I looked out the window just in time to see the director of our Transitional Living Center, Michelle Alexander, stringing up a net for an impromptu game of volleyball with ladies from the Personal Development class. Not only did Michelle put up the net, she demonstrated an awesome serve. And then, she became the cheerleader. Michelle wasn’t afraid to be "real" and act a little goofy as she gave shout-outs to both teams. As the ball flew back and forth across the net, it was an amazing, spontaneous time of fun, laughter and fellowship. I don’t know if they kept score, but this afternoon, all of the ladies were certainly winners!  My only regret....not having a camera handy!

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