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Volunteer Gregg Lattier, a Houston Texan Community Quarterback

Gregg Lattier

“Volunteering at Star of Hope is a demonstration of my faith in the LORD,” is how Gregg Lattier explains his ongoing commitment to serve Houston’s homeless men, women and children through his partnership with our mission. Gregg attended one of the first orientation classes I held for perspective new volunteers almost 13 years ago - and he enthusiastically continues to touch hundreds of lives by sharing his compassionate wisdom and love for Jesus Christ.


Most Friday mornings, Gregg teaches stress management to clients in the Personal Development program at Star of Hope’s Transitional Living Center.  Several clients describe his class this way:


·         “Dr. Gregg Lattier really inspired me when he taught the class on values.  He provide me with information that I have had never heard before.”

·         “Dr. Gregg Lattier has made me think, learn and laugh during his classes….I wish that more teachers were like him!”

·         “What a great stress management instructor!  Mr. Lattier gave us great methods on how to live life stress-less rather than stressful. He teaches people the true meaning of laughter out loud!  He showed me how to embrace what others might think is impossible.”


Although Gregg is at home in the classroom, he loves to travel around the globe.  Christmas break found him in Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Cameroon and he plans to visit Asia during spring break.  While traveling, Gregg, who teaches business classes at Lee College and is a member of the United States Coast Guard Reserves, has the opportunity to build relationships and share the Gospel while living off of the local economy. He travels light with only a backpack!


When the Houston Texans beat the Jaguars during their last home game on January 2nd, Gregg was backpacking somewhere through Africa. However, during the game he was recognized as a recipient of the Houston Texans 2010 Community Quarterback Award and Star of Hope will receive a generous donation in his honor.


Congratulations on this prestigious award, Gregg, and thank you for your many years of dedicated service to our mission! We are grateful to you and the many other faithful volunteers God sends through our doors.


Read more about Gregg and how you, too, can help the homeless in the Star of Hope's January Newsletter, The Light.

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